Mounties Men's basketball Game On campaign

Mounties Men's basketball Game On campaign

To make your pledge, visit this link or call Marcie Meekins at 506-364-2349.


"At this stage in life you recognize how important the formative years were in leading to lifelong success. Mount Allison not only offers a world-class education, but provides students an opportunity to continue their passions outside the classroom. These opportunities allow them to develop skills that are invaluable for their future endeavors. Offering financial support to the men's basketball program just continues the MtA tradition of each generation 'giving back' so that today's student-athletes have the same opportunities we all enjoyed during our university experience."

— Kevin B. Estabrooks ('83)

"Mount Allison was a significant part of my late teens and early twenties. From my BSc in chemistry to the fabulous residence life enjoyed in Hunton and Thornton, to my experience as a Mounties basketball player, they all contributed to the person I have become. Having an opportunity to spearhead a fundraising campaign with Kevin and Coach Steve (a former teammate of mine at MtA) to help solidify the program for the next five years is a great opportunity to give back to the players and program that played such a big role in making my Mount Allison moments so incredible."

— Norval McConnell ('80)