Mounties Leadership Academy

Mounties Leadership Academy


Welcome to the Mounties Leadership Academy. The sessions will include interaction and participation in leadership and team building exercises. Below is a schedule of classroom sessions with specific topics that will be covered during the meeting times.

Monday-October 15-

Introduction to Mountie Pride- This session will be designed to focus on Team Building as well as the understanding and execution of the five statements that Mountie Pride represents.


 Monday-November 19-

Self Reflection and Self Awareness- During this session we will focus on topics like loyalty to your family, school and community. We will discuss what it means to compete everyday with honor and integrity on and off the playing field. We will focus on what it means to be a role model each and every day as a student athlete and a leader.

Monday January 14-

The World Around You- Conduct on and off the field- This session will focus on RESPECT for your teammates, coaches, officials and the people around you. It is important to understand that as a Mountie leader you have a responsibility that will require you to act a certain way both on the field of play as well as in the community. We will discuss how a leader needs to keep other teammates under control and refrain from trash talking. There will be a focus on getting involved with your community. As a leadership group we will be volunteering throughout the year. 

Monday January 28-

Critical Thinking and IntegrityA student athlete with Integrity and a Winning Mindset. Possible Guest Speaker TBD. This session will focus on Planning and Goal setting what it means to be committed and honest. It is important that as a leader you speak the truth. This will help build respect among teammates, coaches as well as opposing players.

Monday February 11-

Preparation- Lifestyle Choices- As a group we will discuss how to make healthy choices. We will focus on developing a plan for proper nutrition, training properly and getting enough rest. We will discuss the negative impacts of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and how it effects your performance.

Monday February 25-

Wrap-Up- Mountie Pride- We will discuss how all of the topics covered are reflected through Mountie Pride.