Mountie PRIDE

Mountie PRIDE

It's an easy reference for university sports teams to attach the word 'Pride' to their programs but often times there is no specific intention or value to the saying.  At Mount Allison, we have chosen the term MOUNTIE PRIDE to completely represent the culture of success we are building with our varsity programs. 

Each letter of the word PRIDE comes with specific meaning, representing the five values that define who we are as student athletes, coaches and teams.  More than that, we have 10 specific commitment statements, two for each value, which clearly explain what we are all about and that leave no doubt as to our intentions and our approach.  If you are part of the Mountie family you know what Mountie PRIDE means and you know how much it defines our every day life.

The Mountie Pride credo comes as a result of much discussion and work by Mounties student athletes and coaching staff. The intent is to define those elements of the Mounties culture that most represent the Mounties brand and that are most essential to the growing success of the university’s sport programs.

“We have witnessed the growth of our programs across many areas in the last 4-5 years and we wanted to ensure the permanence of this progress,” states Mounties Director of Athletics and Recreation Pierre Arsenault. “With the themes of Passion, Relentlessness, Intelligence, Discipline and Execution represented by the word PRIDE, we feel we can help our teams focus on the action steps necessary for our success. The 10 commitment statements represented in our credo provide us with the full representation of the culture we believe in and the culture that continues to emerge daily with Mounties Athletics and Recreation.”

Mounties teams have done more than just talk the talk in recent years, showing significant improvements in competitive results and academic performance to coincide with brand enhancements and a new focus on championship excellence. Academically, Mounties athletes have gone from having 78% of athletes in good standing 5 years ago, to having 90% in good standing during 2013-2014, a level that now clearly exceeds the level of the overall student body (approx. 81%) at Canada’s top undergraduate university.

Athletically, we earned our first AUS football championship in 17 years in 2013 and we successfully hosted the Uteck Bowl on our campus for the first time.  Our women's hockey team lost in game 3 of the AUS championship final in 2014, making its second appearance in the AUS championship game in 3 years.  Our Mounties badminton program has won 6 straight ACAA Championships and we have had Mounties swimmers qualify for CIS Nationals in each of the past 6 years.

Click here to see a full version of our Mountie PRIDE commitment statements