The intramural program provides various sporting activities for teams or individuals to participate according to interest and level of ability. There are both structured leagues and one-day events or tournaments. These activities are open to current students at Mount Allison. For each sport, students may only play on one team.

Programs are divided into three divisions:

  1. Men: 2 leagues, Gold (most competitive) and Garnet (less competitive)
  2. Women
  3. Coed

Most of the league sports have teams who register from within their intramural unit. Each residence is its own intramural unit, although, depending on the size of the residence there may be instances where one residence may combine with another for particular activities. Town students also comprise a unit and have the same privileges as a residence unit.

The residence units are (both men and women): Windsor, Bennett, Bigelow, Edwards, Harper, Thornton, Hunton, and Campbell.

Mount Allison invites you to come and join the fun — make it part of your university experience! Intramurals provide a relief from the stress and strain of daily academic commitments, the opportunity to develop or maintain personal fitness and well-being, as well as the chance to meet new friends.

How to get involved

  1. Contact your sport representative
    Each intramural unit has a representative selected at the start of each year. This person is your contact and your communication link within the program.
  2. Register as an independent.
    If you do not have a team to play on, we will find one for you. Contact the Intramural Office at 364-2405.

Each team or individual entering a league, tournament or special event must register via All participants must be registered on the site in order to participate. Deadlines are posted for each individual sports. Entry deadlines are enforced.

Entry fee and regulations
Each team entering an Intramural league sport must pay a default deposit fee. Team sports vary between $20 and $40 per team, with the exception of intramural hockey which is $100 per team. Individual or tournament sports require a $5 deposit per person. This fee is refundable to any team (or individual) that does not default out of the league or tournament in which they are registered. Curling and golf are $10 per person and are not refundable.

Registration procedures
Sport representatives/team captains may make changes and additions to their roster up to their 3rd game. Each representative will be in receipt of information regarding player eligibility.

League size limits
Due to the increased enrollment, increased number of satellite and town teams, and the limited facility times, there will be occasions when it will be necessary to put a limit on the number of teams that can be registered. Normally, this will be on a first come first serve basis.