Personal Training Info


Mount Allison University's Department of Athletics and Recreation is pleased to offer personal training
services out of our Fitness Centre located on the lower level of the Wallace McCain Student Centre.
Members and non-members of the Fitness Centre are able to work with our Fitness/Personal Training
professionals; to help reach all of your personal fitness goals and pursue an active, healthier lifestyle.

Our Goal:
Promote active and healthy lifestyles by providing clients with the fitness knowledge and confidence
necessary to achieve all of your personal fitness goals.

Benefits of working with our Personal Trainer's:
- Gain knowledge about exercise and fitness.
- Get a personalized program designed to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.
- Can help with general conditioning, sport specific training, weight loss, weight gain and
overall health improvement.
- Monitoring and motivation.
- Assessment/Re-Assessment to assure improvement

*Please note all personal training sessions are 1 hour *

Individual Session (1 hour)
Individual sessions include instruction on proper technique, instruction on new exercises, motivation and support.


Members  Non-Members 
1 Hr Individual Session w/ Trainer  1 Hr Individual Session w/ Trainer 
$45 $55
8 Individual Sessions w/ Trainer  8 Individual Sessions w/ Trainer 
$320 $400
1 Hr Partner Session w/ Trainer  1 Hr Partner Session w/ Trainer 
$70 $90
8 Partner Sessions w/ Trainer  8 Partner Sessions w/ Trainer
$490 $630


Personal Training Policies & Procedures
1. Payments
Individual session payments can be made at the Fitness Centre. All other packages or multiple session
payments can be made at the Athletics & Recreation Administration Office located on the
second floor of the Mount Allison University Athletic Centre. Payments can ONLY be made by cash or
cheque prior to the appointment.
2. Appointment Cancellation
Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled sessions. Sessions cancelled
with less than 24 hours advanced notice provided to the Personal Trainer will be charged in full
without re-scheduling. Sessions shall be 60 minutes in length and shall start at the scheduled time.
Sessions will not be extended due to tardiness of the client or due to interruptions made by the
client. Any client who has not arrived within 15 minutes after the scheduled time shall be deemed
cancelled and will be charged for the session.
3. Booking Appointments
To book an appointment please contact our Fitness Coordinator and Personal Trainer, Karen
Arsenault at
4. Refund Policy
No refunds will be issued for services purchased.




Karen Arsenault