Academic Achievement Program

Academic Achievement Program

In 2010 as part of our Mounties Athletics and Recreation Strategic plan we identified the need for a more structured approach to supporting our student athletes academically.  At the time, we wanted to make sure we were measuring academic performance and we determined that the relevant metric was to measure our student athletes against the performance of the overall student body at Mount Allison, Canada's top undergraduate university.

In any given year, the overall student body at Mount Allison university has approximately 81% of students in good standing (meaning a GPA of 1.5 or above).  When we first set to work in 2010, our student athletes collectively were at 78% in good standing.  We made it our goal to outperform the overall student body.

In order to bring action to our intentions, we created the Academic Achievement Program, a systematic approach to monitoring our student athletes and to providing support when needed.  The first year after the introduction of the program our student athletes achieved 82% in good standing.  We then went to 85% and in 2012-2013 we reached 88% good standing.  We are very pleased to report that in 2013-2014, a season that saw some of our best competitive results in over a decade, our student athletes achieved 90% in good standing, a standard that has now clearly surpassed the overall student body at Mount Allison.

We remain committed to the Academic Achievement Program and to ensuring that strong academic performance remains a critical ingredient for success with our varsity programs.

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